Apella Inaugural Blog (Reboot)

As we launch this new blog and updated website for Apella Capital, I wanted to take this opportunity to reintroduce ourselves and provide some more perspective on who we are and why we do what we do.

Apella Capital is a national firm of like-minded advisors, focused on providing our clients with sound, objective financial advice.

What makes us unique? We were founded over 25 years ago as Symmetry Partners and have helped thousands of independent advisors across the country discover a new way to make a real difference for their clients. However, we’ve always maintained our own private client group, which became its own firm, Apella Capital, in 2014 We believe in:

  • An Evidence-Based, objective approach to investment management grounded in science

  • Comprehensive financial planning that is as equally important as investment management

  • Extensive client education programs

  • World-class personalized service

  • Advice for Life

We are an independent firm not affiliated with any brokerage firms, banks, or insurance companies. This allows us to be unbiased in the advice we provide. We focus on educating investors on how markets work and the latest financial planning strategies. Much of our research starts with notable academics from around the world. This research undergoes rigorous peer review, often for several years, before we consider implementing. When we actually invest on behalf of our clients, we pursue low-cost, broadly-diversified, tax-sensitive strategies. We believe in diversifying away as much risk as possible, while minimizing costs and taxes because they come straight out of your returns. We also believe that investing should also go hand-in-hand with thoughtful, knowledgeable planning.

What exactly does “like-minded advisors” mean? All of the advisors in our offices across the country share the same core principles and beliefs. We utilize an investment committee to conduct research and set boundaries for the investments, but we give our advisors the ability to customize accounts for client’s particular needs. The philosophy governing how we invest, advise, and treat clients is the same from office to office.

We are stewards of people’s money, their hopes and dreams, and we take this responsibility very seriously. We welcome the opportunity to introduce you to our firm. And if you are already working with us, we hope this provides more background and perspective on how we provide “advice for life.”

Diversification seeks to reduce volatility by spreading your investment dollars into various asset classes to add balance to your portfolio. Using this methodology, however, does not guarantee a profit or protection from loss in a declining market.

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